About Scott Gutelius

After spending years on the front lines of consumer technical support, both on my own, and for large corporations (like Apple), I’ve gone back to my true passion: writing.

I enjoy finding news ways of presenting ideas, looking at ideas from all angles to find the one that hasn’t been used before. The one that will make your message — the benefits of your product — stand out from the competition. Writing should make a connection between the product and the prospect.

I focus on the technical industry. Silicon Valley-esque startups, established old-school software, and hardware companies, and have a fascination with the march towards the Exascale era, artificial intelligence, and deep learning. A couple of companies I’ve worked with share these interests.

Outside of work, you’ll find me bobbing my head to live music. And I get stupidly giddy around post-war European vintage cars. Currently driving a one-of-68 (supposedly) 5-speed manual Land Rover Discovery, named Genghis the Camel Disco, owing to its past crossing Mongolia “in the footsteps of Genghis Khan.” Yes, there are pictures.

I live in Santa Fe, NM.