Sample Case Studies

Sample case studies were written to fit within the client’s existing one-page format, using key phrases supplied by the client.

How Thermo Fisher Scientific Used Motiva’s Automated Message Testing to Boost Clickthrough Rate by 56%

How Avalere Health Reconnected with Key Accounts and Reduced Expenses by 30% using Motiva’s Dark Pool Data Cleanup

How Desjardins Boosted Unique Open Rates by an Average of 21% Using Motiva’s Per-Contact Send Time AI

How TransUnion Boosted UOR by 160% from Key Verticals and Existing Customers Using Motiva’s Automated Message Testing

How Cisco Leveraged Motiva’s Message Testing Platform to Determine What Content Results in Highest Engagement

How Lindt Partnered with Motiva AI to Generate Advanced Content Insights to Increase Year-Round DTC Revenue

How Agilent Leveraged Motiva’s Message Testing and Send Time Optimization to Increase Engagment by 58%

How Teleflex Used Motiva’s Send Time Optimization to Boost their Unique Open Rates by Over 300%