How Agilent Leveraged Motiva’s Message Testing and Send Time Optimization to Increase Engagement by 58%


Agilent Technologies, Inc is an analytical instrumentation development and manufacturing company headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, with offices and facilities in the United States, China, Japan, Singapore, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Australia, India and more. It was spun off from Hewlett-Packard in 1999 with a record-setting (at the time) IPO of $2.1 billion. Revenue for 2021 came in at $6.3 billion.


As a global organization, Agilent has many teams across the world marketing to a wide variety of audiences and often the same contacts. They needed a solution that could reliably increase engagement rates in different contexts and also help them effectively govern a high volume of email communication to prevent any compliance issues.


Craig and Gabby pulled out all the stops, and used a variety of Motiva automations to get the best results.

They started by analyzing previous sends using Motiva’s Frequency Intelligence reports to determine the optimal send volume for their audience. This report shows them exactly how many emails they can send without seeing a spike in unsubscribes, known as contact fatigue. 

Then they encouraged their teams to use our automated Message Testing on open rate variables to determine what kind of content generated the highest level of engagement. They knew that they could take risks with messaging, since Motiva’s MT would automatically stop sending any messages with lower performance numbers.

Once they knew what their audience segments were looking for in their messaging, they could use Motiva’s Send Time AI to ensure that the right messages were landing in their audience’s inbox precisely when that audience was most likely to engage.


The results were impressive! Agilent’s Send Time AI campaigns saw an average of 58% improvement in Unique Open Rates and a 9% improvement in Unique Clickthrough Rates.

For their Message Testing experiments, it was even better: 75% increase in UOR and 15% in UCTR. 


To expand on their successes, Craig and Gabby plan to focus on Message Testing to further improve UCTR. They have experiments in the works that will test specific aspects of their content, such as body copy, imagery, and CTAs.

We look forward to hearing all about their wins!

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