How Avalere Health Reconnected with Key Accounts and Reduced Expenses by 30% using Motiva’s Dark Pool Data Cleanup


Avalere Health, an Inovalon Company, is a health care business consulting firm headquartered in Washington, D.C., that serves clients across the healthcare industry specializing in strategy, policy, and data analysis for life sciences, health plans, and providers. Avalere’s industry experts use proprietary data to help clients anticipate change, quantify opportunity, support growth, and make data-driven business decisions. 


Eli Strong and Morgan Duff from Avalere Health had noticed that over time, their bounce back rates were increasing, including with some of their key accounts.

Customers who had been significant revenue drivers in the past were now unreachable. Some were labeled as soft bounces, implying a temporary problem on the receiver’s end, and some were hard bounces, indicating a permanent error. What changed, and what could Eli and Morgan do about it?


Eli and Morgan enlisted Motiva’s Dark Pool analysis to get a better understanding of their bounce back problem.

Dark Pool scans engagement data and provides a deeper analysis, cutting through the fake signals provided by some ESPs to thwart bad actors.

Dark Pool was able to separate engagement fact from fiction.


After updating segmentation using custom contact tags from Motiva, Eli and Morgan decreased their bounce rate by 26% and improving their overall email metrics, now that they had a truly reachable audience.

They also reduced their contact database by 30%, decreasing the cost of their Marketo contract.


Based on their success with Dark Pool Data Cleanup, Eli and Morgan plan to continue using the service to maintain a clean and healthy contact database and reduce their overhead costs, thereby increasing their martech ROI.

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