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How Lindt Used Motiva’s Content Analysis and Insights to Increase Direct-To-Consumer Revenue All Year Round

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Lindt is a Swiss chocolatier and confectionary company founded in 1845. Its subsidiaries include Ghirardelli, Russel Stover, Caffarel, Hofbauer and Küfferle. Lindt’s 2021 revenue was CHF4.62 billion (about $4.8 billion at July 2022 exchange rates).


Lindt wanted to improve engagement rates and year-round revenue generation on their weekly newsletter and promotional emails. Their direct-to-consumer business does well during certain times of year (like the Winter holidays) and their team wanted to improve their DTC sales year-round.


Nadja Fromm, Director of Retail and Direct-to-Consumer Marketing, and Kristin Baker, Manager of DTC Marketing & Promotions, enlisted Motiva’s help with running an advanced content insights analysis.

Motiva exported and analyzed the last five years of Lindt subject lines and evaluated each one based on 25 different classifications to describe each email in granular detail.

For example, some of the categories we examined were the type of sentence structure used (simple, complex, compound-complex), what emotions were stirred and with what intensity, what type of email was it (special offer, product announcement, event invite, resource), how specific was it, and about 20 other factors.

We then ran the dataset through a proprietary program to determine which type of content generated the most revenue regardless of time of year.


Motiva’s Advanced Content Insights approach allowed Nadja and Kristin to gather clear content insights for increasing revenue without adding more time onto their marketing schedule

No additional content creation.  No lengthy approval process.  Motiva simply analyzed Lindt’s past content and provided insights that can be used to immediately refine content strategy and improve business results.


Motiva developed a library of subject line templates that would result in higher revenue, and trained Lindt’s content developers to use these guidelines in their email communication. 

Next, Nadja and Kristin will design automated nurture campaigns using these content insights to support revenue generation year round.

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