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How Teleflex Used Motiva’s Send Time Optimization to Boost Their Unique Open Rate by Over 300%


Teleflex Incorporated was founded in 1943 and is an American provider of specialty medical devices used in critical care and surgery, with operations in 40 countries. Revenue in 2018 was $2.448 billion.


Teleflex offers educational programming for their customers as part of an ongoing awareness campaign.

Mike Gorman, Manager of the Digital Experience Platforms team, needed to increase engagement with these courses to improve adoption and usage of Teleflex’s medical devices.


Mike put Motiva’s Per-Contact Send Time AI to work helping to boost engagement.

Send Time AI pulls all the open data available for each contact in your database and then uses our patented predictive AI modeling to determine the time at which your prospect is most likely to engage. 


The results were just what the doctors ordered! (Sorry, couldn’t resist.) Mike’s educational nurture campaigns saw a 300-400% increase in unique open rates. Way to go, Mike!


Now, Mike plans to use Motiva’s Persona reporting to look for additional segmentation opportunities, and refine the message content for an even more targeted approach. 

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