How Thermo Fisher Scientific Used Motiva’s Automated Message Testing to Boost Clickthrough Rate by 56%


Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. is the world leader in serving science, with annual revenue of approximately $40 billion. Its mission is to enable customers to make the world healthier, cleaner, and safer. Thermo offers a wide variety of services and products that help customers around the globe in laboratories and clinics, on production lines, and out in the field.


Thermo Fisher Scientific’s quarterly e-commerce campaign offering lab equipment was receiving, on average, a 1.23% clickthrough rate, far below the 2% benchmark. 

Kathy Christoph and her team needed to break the ceiling, but what was the best approach?


Kathy used Motiva’s Automated Multivariate Message Testing AI to speed the time to insight. She created two different primary and secondary calls-to-action, resulting in a total of four email variations.

By using Motiva’s Message Testing AI, Kathy knew she could try all these variations at once, confident that if any one of them underperformed, Motiva would stop sending that variation automatically. 

This means that the highest possible percentage of contacts would receive the highest-performing emails.


Kathy’s test was a success! Out of 71,299 emails delivered, 1,556 contacts clicked, resulting in a 2.2% clickthrough rate. Not only was this a 55.9% improvement, it also beat the benchmark.

The two highest-performing variations received almost identical engagement rates, so Kathy has two benchmark-beating performers against which other email variations can be tested in future campaigns.


Kathy plans on using Motiva’s Message Testing to further refine her messaging to yield even higher engagement rates, knowing that Motiva’s Message Testing will ensure that the best performing email messages are delivered to the highest percentage of her audience.

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