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How TransUnion Boosted UOR by 160% Using Motiva’s Automated Message Testing

Sarah Haying Seo - Transunion


TransUnion is a consumer credit reporting agency based in Chicago, Illinois. It collects and aggregates information on over one billion individual consumers and 65,000 businesses in over 30 countries. TransUnion’s 2021 revenue was $2.96 billion.


Sarah Seo, a Digital Marketing Specialist at TransUnion, needed to generate leads for a new offering by marketing to existing TransUnion customers using a monthly lead generation campaign.  Engagement rates for this offering were stagnant and the number of MQLs were too low to meet sales goals.


Sarah divided her audience into 10 different groups based on Industry and used open rate Message Testing to adapt subject lines to each audience.

With each test, Sarah learned a little more about her vertical audiences and adapted subject lines to continually improve Unique Open Rates.

Motiva automated message testing yields concrete, statistically sound insights that can be applied to your entire content strategy, resulting in continual improvement.


Sarah achieved as much as an incredible 160% improvement in Unique Open Rates on key verticals, which increased awareness and MQLs for the new offering.


Sarah is now using clickthrough rate Message Testing to improve clicks and lead quality.

By continually testing to find new ways to connect with her audience, Sarah’s work is providing a notable boost to TransUnion’s bottom line. 

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