Standalone Email Sample

Client: Cray, an HPEnterprise company

Why it stands out: Benchmark Beater! UOR was 30% above benchmark, and CTO ratio was 225% above benchmark. Resulted in a congratulatory email to the entire marketing team

Subject line: You’re Invited! How to Maximize the performance of CFD Workloads

Headline: Maximize the Performance of your CFD Workloads with Cray and AMD EPYC

Subhead: How to plan for the increasing performance demands of CFD simulations


If Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations are part of your organization’s business model, then you know how critical it is to get it right. While not every simulation has to yield a breakthrough, you need to either fail fast and move on, or risk failing completely. Any slowdown is an opening to your competition. 

We’ll be sharing our solutions in a webinar entitled, “Maximize the Performance of your CFD Workloads with Cray and AMD EPYC,” with Brandon Draeger, senior director of product management with Cray, and Andy Parma, AMD’s HPC segment manager.

When: [Insert date]
Where: Online (instructions will be email to registrants)
What: How Cray and AMD can improve accuracy in less time.

If CFD is mission-critical, you won’t want to miss this webinar!

CTA: Reserve your spot now! 

Email Autoresponder

Client: Motiva AI

Why it stands out: Another benchmark beater! Open rates across the autoresponder series averaged 30% above benchmark

Email 1:

SL: Is your team ready for AI?


Hi <first name>

Every company needs an artificial intelligence component in its marketing stack.

But not every company is ready. Data issues, process, governance, and team maturity each play a role.

Here’s what you need to consider before implementing AI, to ensure that your marketing will truly benefit. It’s based on our deep experience working with different clients over five years.

It’s our playbook for how to succeed with data and AI in marketing.

Is your team ready?

Find out now.

–Frank, Customer Success

Email 2:

SL: How much is fake data costing you?


Hi <first name>

Do you know how much of your email list can be tied to actual human activity?

Data decays at a rate of up to 70% a year; is your customer’s email address still accurate?

Accurate data is crucial to your marketing strategy. And your marketing automation platform can’t reliably provide it (even those that say they are).                                                                                  

Our Dark Pool Cleanup digs deeper into your data than any other tool out there. It can tell you how reachable your contact database is, which of your accounts aren’t even getting your mail, and how polluted your contact data is. 

Learn More about Dark Pool Cleanup

–Scott, Support Engineer

Email 3:

SL: What’s your plan to combat data pollution?


Hi <first name>

Apple’s new Mail Privacy Protection made the issue of false open signals impossible to ignore, but the problem is much bigger. 

This kind of data pollution has always been an issue, corrupting results and undermining your marketing strategy. After all, it’s not like Apple invented email scanners that send back fake Open signals, obscure IP addresses and locations, and block tracking pixels. We’ve seen it in enterprise email systems for years: Microsoft Exchange, Barracuda, Proofpoint, even GMail.

Some marketing automation platforms say they’re making changes to help marketers combat Apple’s new features, which is great news…

… if it’s true.

Motiva leverages the latest techniques to uncover more false engagement signals. Want to see what your platform is missing?

Sign up for a free consultation today. We’ll review your last 3 months of data and you can see the results yourself.

CTA: Book Now

–Jesse, Data Analyst

Email 4:

SL: Is email filtering killing your marketing strategy?


Hi <First Name>,

As an email marketer, you’re up against a lot of forces outside your control.

  • Fake signals from email service providers.
  • Overzealous and silent spam filtration redirecting your messaging away from key accounts.
  • Trusting your marketing automation platform when it slaps a hard bounce label on an address… and wondering if it’s just being too cautious or if it really is fatal.

Email filtration is getting “smarter,” and MAPs aren’t keeping up with the changes. They’re easily fooled by the inaccurate signals being fed to them, and it’s only getting worse. 

In a recent survey of enterprise customer data, we saw 50% of activities being misclassified as valid human responses. Nope.

The only way to stay ahead is with best-in-class analytics and AI. 

Think of Motiva AI as your own personal data science team, digging deeper to determine what’s a real human interaction, and what’s a false signal. 

Want to see what Motiva AI can do for you? Let us show you.

Sign up today for a free 30-minute consultation. We’ll review the last three months of your data, at no charge. 

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–Dave, CEO