Spot Check: Get a Free Boost to Your Email ROI

How Healthy is Your Email Marketing Channel?

Email traditionally has the highest Return on Investment of any marketing channel. But problems can lurk beneath seemingly “good enough” engagement numbers.

How many of the contacts you pay to store in your database will never be reachable?

How many of your bouncebacks are silently affecting your deliverability?

How much of your marketing strategy is based on inaccurate data?

Are you aware of all the easy things you can do to improve real engagement?


If answering these questions would make you a rock star at your company…

You should sign up for a FREE Spot Check!

What You’ll Get:

  • Specific Audience Engagement Assessment and Recommendations
  • Contact Risk Scoring:  Know which of your contacts are too risky to send to
  • Send Time Assessment and Recommendations: How/When to reach your customers on THEIR schedule
  • Data Health Assessment: Percentage of your contact database who are unresponsive, wasteful sends,  misclassified bouncebacks, or bots
  • Send Frequency Assessment and Recommendations: How many emails can you send before Unsubscribes spike?

What We'll Need from You

  • Download and Connect the Motiva AI app from the Oracle Cloud Marketplace (takes 1-2 minutes)
  • Set aside 30-45 minutes to meet and review the output of the assessment
  • One quarter’s worth of bounceback data
  • That’s it.

What We Don't Need:

  • Payment
  • Commitment (beyond the assessment review time)

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