Timing is (Almost) Everything: How Per-Contact Send Time Optimization Delivers Real-World Improvement

Successful Marketing Campaigns are Built on Personalization.

And what’s more personal than knowing when your prospect will engage with your messaging?

Motiva’s patented Per-Contact Send Time AI delivers automated personalization at scale. Every contact in your database is evaluated at the individual level, so each receives your messaging at the time when they are most likely to engage. It’s like magic.

What makes our Send Time Optimization different? Lots of things. Did we mention it’s patented?

In fact, we wrote a whole blog post about what sets our Send Time AI apart from garden-variety STO. (Warning: If you’re using another STO product, this post might be a little upsetting…)

Below we’ll give some real-world examples of how Motiva’s customers have used Send Time AI to boost engagement, and the results they’ve enjoyed.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Boosts Revenue Generation by 400% in 2 Months

Revenue generation had plateaued on one of ThermoFisher’s monthly campaigns, and Patti Wiberg, Digital Marketing Automation Manager, needed a quick solution. Read the case study to learn how Motiva’s Send Time AI delivered the results Patti needed, fast.

Desjardins Uses STO To Power Sustainability Initiative

As part of Desjardins’ commitment to sustainability, their goal is to reduce their paper consumption to 32% below 2018 levels by 2024. To help meet that goal, they’ve created an always-on nurture campaign to boost awareness and opt-in for their paper-free program. 

The results were impressive. Check out the case study for all the details.

Agilent Leverages Motiva to Increase Engagement by 58%

Agilent went all out: they first assessed their AI marketing maturity, then looked at Motiva’s Frequency Intelligence reports to avoid contact fatigue (and to stay within international data privacy laws). From there, they used Message Testing to determine the best content, and finally per-contact Send Time Optimization to get their messages delivered at the ideal time.

The result? Spectacular. Get the details here.