How to be a Rock Star (at Your Next Performance Review)

Published by Scott Gutelius on Nov 11, 2022 1:15:01pm || Original appears here

Looking to stand out during your next performance review? Learning how to use Motiva to optimize your email marketing campaigns will give you the advantage.

If you’re an enterprise marketer, your success is most likely evaluated using key performance indicators like engagement rates, form completions for resources and events, and possibly revenue.

Motiva can directly impact those KPIs, making it easier for you to succeed and grow your career.

There are four broad approaches to optimizing your email marketing using Motiva and making a direct impact on your KPIs:

Who: Audience Segmentation

What: Content Optimization

How Often: Frequency Management

When: STO

If you’re the competitive type (or your company’s internal culture is), using Motiva to its full potential will give you the advantage during your performance reviews. By leveraging these optimization methods, you’ll achieve the best results for you and your company.

Let’s dive into each of these optimization strategies separately.

Who: Audience Segmentation

These days, your audience expects personalization, which can take many forms. A “one-message-fits-all” approach to your marketing will not be as successful as it may have been in the past. If your marketing department is still taking the batch & blast approach, then your engagement numbers aren’t as high as they could be with a bit of personalization.

Personalization can be as simple as using your contact’s first name in the subject line or the email body. But you can also use Motiva to divide your contact database into Audience Segments based on demographics or behaviors.

For instance, if you’re in the B2B arena, you may have products or services designed for large companies and another line of products and services that are more appropriate to the challenges of SMBs.

Audience segmentation is simply the process of setting up Personas with those contact attributes (like company size or revenue) so that each group gets the messaging and product offerings most appropriate for their circumstances.

Or it can be based on behaviors. For instance, you can send a reminder (and maybe a coupon) if someone abandons a shopping cart with more than two items.

By segmenting and targeting your audience in smaller groups, you can improve engagement in each of those segments individually and improve metrics overall.

What: Content Optimization

Our second approach to improving engagement is through content optimization.

You’re probably doing this to some extent already. Content optimization in your email marketing is simply trying different subject lines, messaging, images, or CTAs within the email itself and measuring to see which approach gets the best response.

Many platforms allow you to A/B test, pitting two variations against each other. This approach can be effective but very time-consuming.

Think about it: You create two variations of your email. Test them against each other. Wait for the results. Determine a winner. Then take that winner and test it against another variation. Ad nauseam.

Motiva’s multivariate approach is message testing on steroids. You can create as many message variations as you want, assuming you have a large enough audience for testing. The multivariate approach is a highly efficient way of determining what content your audience finds most engaging.

Just load your variations into Motiva, and let our automated AI platform do the rest. We’ll send out randomized batches at regular intervals and listen for the results to determine which messages are winners and which are not.

Motiva minimizes the risks associated with trying out new messaging. If a few of the variations lag behind the others, that’s no problem: Motiva will automatically stop sending out those weaker variations in favor of those that garner higher engagement. No human intervention is needed.

And using Motiva message testing guarantees that the highest percentage of your audience sees your strongest messaging.

As a bonus, you may learn more than expected by looking at those less popular variations.

Go back and look at the Who’s Responding tab within Motiva. You may find that contacts with specific attributes DID respond favorably to those other messages.

If you find this is the case, then you’ve just surfaced a new Persona to target in your next campaign. Then, simply create messaging based on that message’s distinctive qualities — the qualities that set it apart from the other message variations in your initial test — and send it to that audience segment.

How Often: Frequency Management

Of course, you need to stay in touch with your audience. But how often you’re emailing your prospects may be annoying them. Email too often, and your prospects may unsubscribe or mark your messages as Spam. This can affect your overall email deliverability.

By using Motiva’s frequency intelligence reports, you’ll be able to see how much is too much, through the eyes of your audience. We’ll analyze your overall send cadence and let you know when you’re starting to lose your audience.

For many companies, this means dialing back on the number of emails sent out every week. But you can keep your copywriters busy with creating more variations for your next message-testing experiment!

When: Send Time Optimization

Sometimes WHEN an email arrives is as crucial as the message it conveys, and that’s where our patented, per-contact Send Time AI comes in.

Our Send Time AI analyzes all the open data available (from both Motiva and Eloqua) to determine the best time to send your message. Using our Send Time AI ensures that your contacts receive your message when they are most likely to engage. How’s that for personalization?

What each of these approaches to optimization has in common is that when used to their fullest capability, it gives you the best chance at improving engagement metrics, improving bottom-line results, and demonstrating your value during your next performance review… or job interview.

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