Why Message Testing is Crucial For Your Email Marketing Strategy

Effective Content Optimization Goes Beyond A/B Testing

Motiva’s automated, multivariate Message Testing allows you to quickly set up and run tests in your Marketing Automation Platform and gather data-driven content insights about your audiences. 

Continually improving your content is a necessary part of an effective email marketing strategy. Motiva gives you the data that inspires confidence.

You’re probably aware of some of the basics of Message Testing, like email subject line testing, CTA testing, and content optimization within the email body itself (in separate tests, of course, or you won’t know what change made the difference).

We’ll be covering those topics, along with a few you may not have tried yet, and providing case studies detailing our customers’ successes.

Plus, with Motiva, you’re not limited to testing just two variations at a time. You can test three, four, five, eight, 10 or any other number of variations in one email Message Testing experiment.

By testing multiple variations of subject lines, CTAs, or messaging, you can sometimes find under-served segments within your audience that respond to more unconventional messaging. And these ripe segments will be shown right in Motiva’s reporting.

This kind of leverage can reap huge time savings, while you also uncover exactly what kind of content your audience segments are looking for.

Ready to see some real-world results? 

How Small Changes Can Make a Big Impact

Here’s how our customers succeeded using Message Testing in their email marketing campaigns

Email Subject Line Testing

How Cisco turned an awareness campaign into a learning engine

Cisco Systems, Inc. had to tackle two issues: first, they wanted to increase awareness and demand for their offerings to network providers. 

Second, they wanted to turn their awareness campaign into a learning engine. 

They used the opportunity to test multiple subject lines, creating variations based on differing statement and resource types.

The results were clear. Read the case study to find out more.

Want some tips on how to develop subject lines? Read our blog post covering email subject line testing.

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Testing Calls-To-Action

How Thermo Fisher used one Message Test to yield two benchmark-beating emails.

Kathy Christoph from Thermo Fisher Scientific needed to boost clickthrough rates on a long-running awareness campaign, so she developed four variations to test against each other in one Motiva Message Test experiment. She not only improved UCTR by almost 56%, but she now has TWO benchmark-beating emails to use in the future.

Read all about Kathy’s success.

Interested in testing CTAs, but not sure where to begin? We can help. Check out this blog post to get started.

Testing Details in Subject Lines

How Cirium used Message Testing to boost open by over 14% and clickthroughs by over 32%

How much detail does an audience want in their subject line? This was the question Cirium started with: does specificity in a subject line have an effect on opens and clickthroughs?

You bet it does.

Read what Cirium found out about their audience.

Testing Sender Names

How Royal Mail used the From: line to increase revenue by 45%

Think the sender name that appears on the From: line of your email doesn’t matter? Robin Woolley from Royal Mail Group plc would strongly disagree.

Click through to the case study to find out how Robin and his team were able to increase revenue from a smaller, GDPR-compliant audience using Motiva’s Message Testing.

Want to learn more about testing Sender Personas? You’re in luck! We just happen to have a blog post with all the details.

Testing Audience Segments

How Transunion boosted UOR by 160%

Sarah Hayoung Seo needed to generate new leads from existing Transunion customers, so she took a divide-and-optimize approach.

Check out how Sarah improved unique open rates by as much as 160% and generated the new leads using Motiva’s Message Testing.

Need more reasons to segment? No problem. Check out our 3 Reasons Why Segmentation is Vital for Email Marketing.

Advanced Content Insights

How Lindt partnered with Motiva to analyze past campaigns without testing

Sometimes looking to the past can yield productive insights. In this case, Lindt partnered with Motiva to run advanced content analysis on Lindt’s past campaigns to determine what types of subject lines had the highest responses. This provided Lindt with a roadmap that’s helping their direct-to-consumer branch boost sales year-round.

Read all about it here.